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JPS IT York Ltd provides IT based solutions for homes and businesses in the York and surrounding areas. Whether you its personal IT woes or big business advancements JPS IT York Ltd have you covered, from website design and online marketing to server hosting and IT services, you can rest assured that with JPS IT York Ltd you will get a great service for an affordable price and have all your IT requirements covered under one roof. Just take a look at our great testimonials from our clients to see why, we are a great choice to manage your home or business IT solutions.

JPS IT York Ltd also offer IT support and solutions for home users, from broadband setup to laptop and computer issues. JPS IT York Ltd offers you an affordable solution to solve your home computer issues. JPS IT York Ltd also offer quality business IT support and service solutions, including website development and online marketing. JPS IT York Ltd can become your sole IT service provider for your business. Why waste your time dealing with IT issues, website management and online marketing, when you can focus your time on your business and let us handle everything else?

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  • I was having laptop problems and other companies quoted me silly figures to fix. JPS IT proved the quote that came in at the cheapest, they were friendly, speedy and replaced the motherboard on my laptop and it has been working great since. Thank you JPS IT York Ltd. - Wayne

  • JPS IT York Ltd delivered exactly what we wanted from our website. James provided the expertise that ensured that our ideas were fully integrated and developed into a functional and striking site that gives Example Recruitment Group a professional and credible on-line presence. I have no hesitation recommending JPS IT York Ltd and would work with them again on all of my future projects. - Chris, Example Recruitment

  • JPS IT York Ltd made a great job of designing and building our new website. They are very prompt at communicating, so easy to deal with and the prices are very competitive. - Robin, Interlawn

  • JPS IT York Ltd is professional, knowledgable and provides a highly personalised service. I had some pretty fixed ideas as how my website should look and James guided me away from the more obvious pitfalls and showed remarkable patience as I tinkered with and prevaricated over the final design. - Ivor Church, Writer

  • JPS IT were really helpful in setting up my first website, they took all my ideas onboard and incorporated them in an easy to use website and they are always happy to help with any improvements I want to make and I have found them friendly and professional and would highly recommend them. - Simon, DPP

  • Foundry84 have used JPS IT for web development as a relief at our busiest times. JPS IT have provided us with everything we have asked from them and more. James has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. Foundry84 wouldn't hesitate in recommending JPS IT and intend to use them on future projects. Chris, Foundry84

  • JPS IT responded to our very specific brief, creating a user-friendly site that can be changed as our business needs develop, by adding extra features. Besides our FM broadcasts to the market town of Pocklington and surrounding communities we will be streaming via the website. James pays great attention to detail and our site viewers are very complimentary! - Stuart, WWR

  • A visit from James (JPS IT) to our premises, provided me with most excellent support and information in relation to my website and internet marketing. I found him to be most patient and informative in guiding me through step by step, in exactly what I wanted to achieve and provided me exactly what I needed in terms of the IT service. Would highly recommend. - Gary, Timberwolf

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  • A Guide To How The New .UK Domain Might Effect Search Engine Results

    Nominet Changing to .UK domains

    Nominet, the .UK domain registry, has long prepared website owners of the new changes in the registration of domains. They have indicated that site owners will be able to register their domains without necessarily having to include the ‘Co’ and rather only have the ‘UK’. How does this affect SEO? Well, here are some insights into the whole subject:

    Reasons for the Changes

    Nominet has seen the need to eliminate the ‘Co’ in the domain names because:

    • Other countries are already doing it. Countries such as France are already ahead in such domain registry, and the UK would also want to remain consistent with such extensions.
    • To offer better choices to the web owners. Every website owner would want to a shorter domain name so that the clients can easily memorize it and use it in their searches. Essentially, the emphasis is laid on the brand name rather than the long extension in the domain name.

    Note that people with the older domain names - co.uk, can continue to use them. The changes actually affect people who are opening new sites.

    Effects on SEO

    Search engine optimization is one of the things that many site owners invest in. In many companies, a lot of resources are channeled towards ensuring that a site is visible to both the potential clients and the search engines. Does the UK Domain name affect SEO? Well, on one hand, for someone thinking that they will make losses because of the changes, then the answer is No! It does not have any effect it in that it is merely a cosmetic change more than anything else.

    On the other hand, with a UK domain name, you will be laying emphasis that you may want to reach to the UK target clients. As such, people who are searching for products from the region will have an easy time locating your site, and hence making necessary purchases. You can easily make your presence known online with such a name, and hence remain profitable for a long time.

    It is important to note that some clients will not buy a product when it does not come from a certain region. For them, brands coming from certain nations have superior quality that those from other nations. If for instance you indicate that your products come from UK, then it becomes easy to convince some clients to buy from you. You will even gain loyal clients with such details. A UK domain name can help you reach some of these clients easily, hence making your SEO efforts rewarding.

    Just Before You Change Your Domain Name

    The co.uk domain owners who may want to change their domains to the UK one should know that:

    • Their existing domain name will still be valid for 5 years, which gives them an ample time to decide whether to change it or not.
    • They must still put the same efforts in SEO in order to sell their products rather than just relying on the domain name. Quality content, proper use of keywords, link provision and easy to navigate sites are some of the efforts that site owners should never neglect regardless of the domain names that they choose.
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  • The Importance of Email Marketing to Making Money Online

    Email Marketing for your Business

    Marketing online is totally crucial to any single business. When it comes to email marketing, it does not matter what you sell whether it is services or products, email marketing is a very cheap and effective way to market your business. Like with the marketing trends of yesteryear, there are a number of ways that you can use email marketing to advertise and promote to your customer base, no matter where they are. Below, you will find recommendations to help you give the best email marketing campaign and why it is very important to the long life of your business.

    What is Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a coverlet term for electronic mail marketing plans, business owners can utilise these emails to effectively reach their potential customers at any given time. Examples of the best email marketing methods are e-newsletters, weekly offers and promotional emails. Reaching customers through email, as long as you can get them to open the mail, is one of the most effective means of getting them to purchase-or at even listen to your business pitch. Many customers will have time to check their email more regularly than they check open and read snail mail or make a phone call especially with modern technology, the day of having to access a computer to check your emails is long gone. This is why it is absolutely vital to use email marketing. People today have their emails on their phones and tablets, and will read at their leasure. This means you can effectively use that oportunity to try to sell them your services or products.

    How to use Email Marketing Effectively

    As with anything, there is both a wrong way and a right way to do email marketing. At JPS IT York we adhere to strict rules to ensure your email is effective and sells, but is also legal and not just spam. No body wants spam email, and it also tarnishes your business name. There are ways to use these email plans that really makes people want to open their email or just delete it even before they open it. If you really want to get your success within the email campaigns, you need to start doing your best to reach your customers on a one to one person basis instead of mass mailing. Certainly, it could be a bulk mailer that you send to different people, but you do not want the customers to get a feel of this approach. So, do not use any method that looks irrelevant or looks like spam. Instead, develop a personal approach such as asking them to give their inclusion in email, offer different promotions or e-newsletters, or offer information that is relevant to them. Us of a newsletter with a subscription service helps ensure the people you are emailing want to recieve your emails. This will assure much more enhanced results and help to ensure people actually open the email rather than just mark it as junk or trash.

    Design Matters

    In the modern world, the day of plain text emails are long gone. These look amateur and are not going to reach out to your customers. If you look at any of the big internet giants, e.g. google, eBay, amazon, when these companies send you marketing emails are they plain text? No, so neither should yours. All emails we create for our clients are responsive html email templates that not only work and read well across all devices, but also use effective imagery to impact a statement and help attract customers to reading your email.

    Use of Effective Subject Lines

    The most important aspect of any email campaign is not necessarily the message. Of course your message should be clean effective and explain your services. But what good is that if your emails are never opened. The first thing your potential customers will see is the subject line of the email. This is where all users decide whether to read the email or to just delete it. So with this in mind you need an attractive, personal and meaningful subject line to help intrigue your customer to want to open and read your email.

    And lastly but most importantly....


    The approach to email marketing as well as list building is to get the customers to provide you with their email address via your website or direct communication. The best method to do this is to offer something of a good value to them when they choose to do so, it can be a free report or just a short course in the topic they are really interested in. When you get their email address, this is the time when the target email marketing service can get into play.

    So to summarise, email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available today. If you are not using this then you really should be! If you would like to know more regarding our email marketing campaigns then contact us today!

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  • Tips and advice on how to Make your Computer or Laptop to run Quieter

    Computers are known to get loud sometimes. This happens to a lot of computer users and it can get distracting. It may be hard to concentrate when your computer keeps roaring like an aircraft on takeoff. This is where finding a solution would help a lot. The problem when a computer gets too loud is usually with the cooling. However, it’s important to first find out exactly what the problem is. You can’t find a solution if you are not sure what the problem really is. Your main need is to listen to where the most noise is coming from to help, but below are some common areas that can become noisy.

    The fans

    One of the problems with fans is they create air disturbance which in turn creates noise. This would cause all that roaring that you hear. Some PC's are fitted with too many fans, your best bet for this one is to find out the average number of fans your machine needs to function. Then you can get rid of any added baggage. You have to know which ones to remove and which ones will stay. Also if they are cheap units, they will be more noisy, if you check the make or brand of your fan and you can see the estimated decibel or dB output from the fan. Better quality more expensive fans tend to run much quieter. Another solution which we recommend is using rubber mounting clips instead of screws to secure your fans to your machine. These can absorb the fans vibrations thus reducing the sound of the fan in motion. JPS IT York Ltd can't recommend these rubber mounts enough they can really reduce fan noise.

    Another thing could be that the fans are too worn out for old age. This happens every now and then. In such an instance, you would need to replace the fans. The replacement fans will of course have to be compatible with your machine. You can talk to us for advice on what fans would be most suited. If you have the skills to do it yourself, then that’s even better. The fans are not expensive and will not set you that far back. However you should be careful not to buy poor quality fans because then they might not last as long, could be noisy as mentioned above and you would be right back to the same problem. You can also get fans that have an adjustable speed option. This allows you to modulate the speed of the fans, hence keep the noise to a minimum. although these are only suitable in certain situations. It is always recommended to run your fans from your motherboards fan output sockets to get the speed required by your system.


    Dust is a huge cause for issues in computer systems. Dust gets in the way and clogs things up making excess noise. The fans could be coated and even have clumps that its vibrating against creating excess noise. There are some computer users that use their machines for years without even thinking about cleaning them. This will affect the quality and performance of the machine. Too many dust particles clogged in the system not only interferes with moving parts but also causes units to become hotter under use, which in turn will make the fans have to run faster to keep your system cool. This can be fixed by cleaning them. This of course has to be done the right way. Compressed air is usually used to do this. When spraying the compressed air one should be careful not to mess with the other parts of the machine. Alternatively, if you are not sure about the steadiness of your hands, get someone to help you, or contact JPS IT York Ltd for a full machine service.

    Sound proof cases

    Another option that a computer user can look at is buying a sound proof case. This would help. The best thing is that it’s not hard to find good sound proof cases. You just have to know which the best ones are. Whether it’s for a PC or a laptop, you can get the right case. Laptops especially benefit a lot from these cases because you can’t change the fans. There is also something known as a fan dampening kit. This can help with the padding on the fans and keeping them cleaner. You can find out more if they are a viable option. It’s up to you as the computer user to decide which solution best works for you or if you want us to take a look, give us a call today to book an appointment.

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